PTYX was born in April 2015, following the gathering of three artists from various path: Elise, Bruno and Arnaud. They are all fond of images, new technologies and the great potential of combining them.

PTYX is a vivid company animated by an integrated team, able to produce every step of a project, in the purpose of delivering a product with full control.

The main team is composed of experts (arts, graphic design, programming) and support positions (financial, commercial, production).

The artists involved in various projects are recruited throughout a talent pool, tied to us by a mutual trust.

Nouvelles Technologies
  • Transmédia
  • Réalitée augmentée et diminuée
  • Réalité virtuelle
  • Jeu vidéo
  • Vidéo
  • Animation 2D
  • Animation 3D
  • Animation volume
  • Intégration mixte
Motion Design
  • Publicité
  • Dessin animé
  • Motion capture
  • Application mobile et tablette
  • Site internet
  • Intranet métier
  • Conseil


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La Cité du cinéma, 20 rue Ampère, 93200 SAINT DENIS